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VCOM Client Testimonial

Tony Anderson and his wife, Tan, own and operate the Jan-Pro Certified Business Owner currently serving our VCOM – Carolina’s campus buildings. They were not the 1st janitorial service hired here when we opened our doors back in 2011; they are actually the 3rd janitorial service we have hired (and hopefully the last). I have… Continue reading VCOM Client Testimonial


Protecting Your Health and Safety: EnviroShield As more businesses start to return back to normal from COVID-19, it is critical to ensure that your company remains safe for your employees and customers. Many people have been vaccinated, but there is still several that have not so it’s important that all necessary precautions are practiced. No… Continue reading EnviroShield

Making the New Normal Possible with Janitorial Services

Jan-Pro of the Western Carolina’s: Your Quarantine Buster Now more than ever, it is important to ensure a safe and clean environment for your business. Our janitorial services offer a thorough cleaning system using CDC approved, hospital grade, broad spectrum disinfectants. How We Help with Infection Prevention Enviroshield – The electrostatic spray uses a series… Continue reading Making the New Normal Possible with Janitorial Services

COVID-19: Jan-Pro to the Rescue

The Coronavirus is rapidly increasing in the United States and many businesses are limiting outside visitors, having their employees work from home, or are totally shutting down all together. In the midst of all this happening, it’s crucial to ensure that your businesses are a clean and safe environment for both employees and the public.… Continue reading COVID-19: Jan-Pro to the Rescue