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Become a Certified Business Owner with Jan-Pro

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Never before has there been such a focus on cleaning and disinfecting shared spaces. Business owners and property managers are tasked with finding a partner they can trust to ensure areas are safe for their teams.

The professionals at Jan-Pro have been innovating and demonstrating their commitment to keeping facilities as safe as possible for all. It is no wonder their dedication to assisting businesses and nonprofits has led to several industry awards.

Some of these awards include being ranked #1 in commercial cleaning Best of the Best.

A Reputation that Speaks for Itself

The long list of services provided by Jan-Pro make for an incredible reputation and the ability to meet any need. From medical cleaning to janitorial services to office cleaning—Jan-Pro has something to offer every facility.

Jan-Pro is also committed to helping business owners grow their profits. A recent award shows a commitment to this effort by being named the #1 top low-cost franchise to own under $50,000 also by Entrepreneur magazine.

Finding Certainty in a Booming Industry

If the recent financial uncertainties have caused you to question your current career or if you have experienced job insecurity despite exhibiting a strong work ethic, Jan-Pro can provide the opportunity for you to shape your own future.

As you become your own boss, the potential is limitless. One benefit of becoming a certified business owner is the chance to create a legacy for your family.

Like many of the franchise owners of Jan-Pro of the Western Carolinas — your children can wind up in a secure position as a return on your investment. Just imagine rearing your namesake to become a thriving business owner with real hands-on experience and education.

Recent history has proven that the traditional educational path does not guarantee solid employment like it once did. Instead, many are taking their future—and those of their families—into their own hands.

In a $140 Billion industry, there is plenty of opportunity for untapped markets. With nearly 10,000 franchisees across the country, Jan-Pro has developed a proven plan for the success of certified business owners through providing comprehensive training programs for franchisees.

To become part of the Jan-Pro of the Western Carolinas family as the fastest growing cleaning franchise in the world, call 864-458-3053 or get in touch online and take control of your financial future today!