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The Jan-Pro Partnership

Jan-Pro of the Western Carolinas is comprised of a partnership between two brands. Jan-Pro Cleaning and Disinfecting, and Jan-Pro Franchise Development. Now let’s take a sneak peak at how this partnership provides Jan-Pro customers with world class service at a fair price. Our Cleaning and Disinfecting brand is comprised of a network of over 140… Continue reading The Jan-Pro Partnership

JanPro Business Services

Behind the Scenes of Business Services When becoming a Certified Business Owner at Jan-Pro Development, you are never alone. Our JanPro  Business Services team is there to help you along the way by providing certification, customer service advice, and overall, how to operate and manage your business. Our team consists of Genaro Morales, Gerald Dendy,… Continue reading JanPro Business Services

We Mean Business: Creating Your Own Financial Independence

It’s a Monday morning, and as you walk through the building the sounds of excitement and comradery fill the air. The morning meeting begins and pumped up employees radiate with energy as they interact with each other. Positive experiences from the week prior are shared and applauses are exchanged. Success stories from each employee add… Continue reading We Mean Business: Creating Your Own Financial Independence