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Clean Company Creates Consistent Customers

You walk into your doctor’s office, where you first see the receptionist greet you. You sit down and notice the sophisticated technology surrounding you, the bright lights, and the overall cozy atmosphere. You walk into the bathroom and can’t help but notice how clean each and every surface is, and without much thought, you leave your appointment feeling well taken care of and appreciated. It’s not only the customer service you receive, but a clean and fresh atmosphere can contribute to the overall positive experience that a person has. Likewise, an unclean environment can affect a person’s experience and also a business’s success.

Ted Kearse, an Outside Sales Representative, has been with Jan-Pro of The Western Carolinas for nine years. According to Ted, some of the most popular types of businesses that Jan-Pro services are medical facilities, churches, banks, manufacturing plants, and professional office spaces. When searching for a cleaning company, businesses should always look at the company’s reputation, scope of work (days per week), inspections with service and price.


At Jan-Pro the emphasis is on value of service delivered. The components we use to achieve a high level of value in our services are our branded processes and service guarantee. “The Jan-Pro process is designed to guarantee customer satisfaction through quality, technology, and measurement for a consistent clean from the same reliable owner-operators—every time.” This branded process consists of the following:

  • STEP 1– JAN-PRO SIGNATURE CLEAN SERVICES= QUALITY COMMITMENT- Each Jan-Pro professional must go through a five week training program that consists of tasks such as maintaining bacteria-free surfaces, OSHA safety protocols, how to dust offices without disturbing people, and thorough carpet-cleaning techniques.
  • STEP 2- JAN-PRO TECHNIQUES TECHNOLOGYQUALITY DELIVERED- Jan-Pro offers advanced equipment such as HEPA-rated backpack vacuums that filter 99.9% of particles from the air, microfiber cloths and mops that trap more dirt, hospital-strength disinfectants to kill the broadest range of surface bacteria, as well as eco-friendly cleaning chemicals that cover a wider space using less product.
  • STEP 3- JAN-PRO TRACKER INSPECTIONS– Jan-Pro routinely provide inspections to make sure customers are satisfied with their surfaces. We assess your cleaning needs and decide where to focus our efforts before the initial cleaning and after thirty days, one of our field service representatives inspects your property to make sure no areas are being left untouched with adjustments made accordingly.

All of these brand processes are backed by our Jan-Pro Guarantee. This guarantee ensures to finish all scheduled cleaning commitments on time. We also guarantee to respond to and promptly resolve any issues within one business day. If Jan-Pro doesn’t meet these obligations, a complimentary cleaning call will be scheduled or a credit for the daily rate of services will be issued.

At Jan-Pro we allow you to focus on what you do best as a company.  A partnership with Jan-Pro means not having to sweat the small stuff. WE MEAN CLEAN.


Don’t wait any longer; Jan-Pro is just a call away. To set up a free quote on cleaning services, call Jan-Pro of the Western Carolinas today at 864-458-3053!

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