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Customers & Clients Value a Clean Workspace

If your customers regularly see the inside of your workspace, you need to be concerned about your professional image which starts with a clean workspace.

Scuffed floors, unpleasant odors, unclean bathroom surfaces, and dusty surfaces are a red flag to customers and clients about how you conduct your business. 

Meanwhile, surveys have shown that up to 80% of customers won’t return to a business with dirty bathrooms. Have you walked into the restroom your customers use with the perspective of what they see? Do they notice how clean each surface is? How fresh the restroom smells? How clean and shiny the floor is?

If you’re going to win new business and maintain your standing with your existing clientele, a clean and attractive space is a must-have. There’s no better way to achieve this than hiring a Greenville commercial cleaning company. A clean and fresh atmosphere can contribute to the overall positive experience your customers will have. An unclean workspace can affect a person’s experience and also your business’s success.

It is important to ensure a safe and clean workspace for your employees and customers.

Why choose Jan-Pro of the Western Carolinas for your commercial cleaning? Jan-Pro is a nationally recognized commercial cleaning company that incorporates the latest technologies and products into our cleaning services. Our cleaning crews undergo rigorous training programs to provide specialized cleaning techniques that we design to meet each customer’s unique needs. We offer a thorough cleaning system using CDC approved hospital grade, broad spectrum disinfectants. Using Enviroshield technology, we disinfect high-touch areas, ie. doorknobs, sink faucets, telephones, and computer desks.

Looking for a local commercial cleaning company for your church, car dealership, medical facility, fitness center or office? Contact JAN-PRO of the Western Carolinas at 864-458-3053 and request a FREE estimate today!