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Cleaning Car Dealerships

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Every business requires its own unique focus when it comes to professional cleaning and cleaning car dealerships are no different. With the visual experience for customers being vital, the level of cleanliness can make or break a visit.

One great indication that a cleaning job has exceeded expectations is for the cleanliness to go unnoticed. While it may sound counterintuitive at first, the best cleanings and sanitizations are those that go unobserved.

Customers will rarely think about how clean a space is but will always realize when there is a need for it.

See the Showroom with Fresh Eyes

Knowing which space to focus on first comes from putting yourself in the shoes of a customer. Unfortunately, those who are in the dealership regularly become accustomed to dirt and grime that may stand out to someone in the space for the first time.

First impressions are necessary for leading to a positive shopping experience and exceeding customers’ expectations. It is not just the cars themselves that need to be flawless. Moving deeper into the dealership reveals the spaces most often overlooked when it comes to janitorial attention.

Offices, break rooms, and even the service area should receive as much attention as the entrance to the showroom.

Every Space Should Shine

Out of sight often means out of mind for dealerships, which can include the restrooms. However, many customers are so turned off by unkempt and unstocked restrooms that they often take their business elsewhere.

There simply is no excuse for a dirty restroom and this one area that receives little thought can also be where car dealerships easily rise above their competition.

This is the type of thinking that leads to the over-the-top cleaning car dealerships and sanitization processes for the teams at JAN-PRO. Rather than using generic and inexpensive products for ensuring cleanliness in dealerships, JAN-PRO uses the most effective mops, cloths, and other materials.

Some cleaning companies rely on harsh and traditional cleaners to avoid cross contamination. Owners are surprised to learn that these conventional methods are nearly 10% less effective than the 99.94% effectiveness of JAN-PRO.

Managers can rest assured that their dealership not only looks spotless, but also provides the safest possible environment for both their staff and customers when choosing JAN-PRO for all your janitorial services.

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