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Cross Contamination Prevention: The Jan-Pro Method

What is cross contamination and why is it important?  Cross contamination is when dirt, germs, etc. are transferred from surface to surface or room to room via soiled cleaning cloths.  Making sure a business is thoroughly cleaned and that no cross contamination occurs is critical in maintaining a healthy and sanitary environment. This is why Jan-Pro utilizes color coded microfiber cleaning cloths and hospital grade disinfectants.  With color coded microfiber systems specific colors are designated for specific rooms and tasks.  Ensuring that a cloth that was used to clean in the restroom is never, ever used in a break room or office. We use this method to ensure proper sanitation thereby reducing health issues like the spread of viruses and bacteria.  


Microfiber cloths contain cleaning fingers that are 50 times smaller than a human hair and can trap dirt and hold it in a positively charged state for the most efficient clean. These magnets also hold 50 times their weight in soil. Separating these microfiber cloths by color for different types of cleaning allows for an efficient clean with no traces of residue or germs left behind.


When it comes to implementing the color-code method, Jan-Pro uses a different color cloth for each room or specific task.  An example is the blue cleaning cloth used specifically for glass cleaning, or the green cloth used specifically for surface dusting in offices.  Our Certified Business owners use microfiber cloths and mop pads only once per cleaning, and all products are disinfected after each use. Some other tips for using microfiber cloths are to use a new cloth after cleaning high risk sources of possible cross contamination including sinks, toilets, or heavily soiled areas. In addition, making sure to use the right amount of product is important as well, wet or very damp cloths limit the microfiber’s ability to grab germs, which is why we change our cloths so frequently.


The usage of microfiber cloths is just one of the many reasons that Jan-Pro sticks out amongst its competitors. Implying this method ensures organization and efficiency, and ultimately assists in keeping Jan-Pro clients satisfied. To learn more about the benefits of Jan-Pro of the Western Carolinas or to schedule an appointment to receive a free quote, call us today at 864-458-3053.

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