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Fall Office Cleaning

Fall Office Cleaning Tips

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Fall office cleaning is a top priority for your business, no matter the size and services you provide. Dirt and grime can build up quickly, which can leave an unsafe environment for your customers and employees. Have you implemented deep cleaning in your maintenance program? Below are fall office cleaning tips to help keep your office looking its best and organized which will help provide a healthier environment.

Fall Office Cleaning Tips

Purge your office of things that don’t work, shred papers that no longer serve a purpose or aren’t needed. Put them in 3 categories: Fix, Recycle, Throw Away.

Spot Clean your office furniture, get rid of those coffee and tea stains.

Wipe Down your computers, keyboards and mouse with a cotton swab and green cleaning solution.

CarpetsHave your carpets cleaned.

Accounts SecuredKeep your accounts safe and update passwords.

Inbox –¬†Clean up your inbox and go through those unread emails you’ve been ignoring.
LinkedIn – Refresh and update your LinkedIn info, experiences with current work information and swap out photos with a new headshot. Keep it current.
Cobwebs – Be on the look out for Cobwebs, early fall months are the most active for spiders.
Office Kitchen – Clean up the office kitchen check for and get rid of expired food in the pantry. or refrigerator.
It’s important to ensure a safe and clean environment for your employees and customers. Jan-Pro incorporates the latest technologies and products into our office cleaning services. We always ensure that our cleaning and disinfecting¬†janitorial services are customized to satisfy your personal requests. No matter what you need us to do, we are always ready and prepared to work under your specific guidelines.
Call in the professionals, we at JAN-PRO of the Western Carolinas have the tools, time, materials and owner operators to help make your office safe and shine. You can always reach us online or calling 864.458.3053.