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Fitness Center Cleaning

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If deep cleaning isn’t part of your workout, add JAN-PRO to your routine to strengthen your facility with our fitness center cleaning. 

In a gym and fitness facility, lots of people sweat, cough, and more, leaving bacteria lingering on free weights, mats, dumbbells machines, surfaces, and more. The most common bacteria that can linger are Staphylococcus aureus (golden staph), Staphylococcus saprophyticus, Salmonella, Influenza, Rhinoviruses, and Dermatophytosis.  Athletes tend to sweat profusely as they work out and this results in a damp and moist environment inside the fitness center. This could be incredibly dangerous for your fitness members, similarly, an unclean gym could make many employees fall sick.

That’s why gyms must be regularly cleaned to create a healthier and cleaner environment that will help minimize exposure to diseases and germs. Just like your customers want to see results, JAN-PRO Cleaning & Disinfecting guarantees its services and delivers measurable results you can feel and see. One of the easiest ways to maintain cleanliness is to hire professionals for fitness center cleaning. When you pay for professional cleaners, you will often be getting all-inclusive services. Here at JAN-PRO of the Western Carolinas we help you stay in good, clean shape.

Boot Camp

Before we hit the gym, our owner-operators complete JAN-PRO’S 5-week certification course the most in-depth program of its kind.  From floor to ceiling, we teach the ins and outs of health club cleaning. 

Action Plan

We aren’t personal trainers, but we go the extra mile for you.  We provide customized attention to training equipment, showers, locker rooms, changing rooms, and similar areas and surfaces needing an extra round of cleaning. 

Healthy Systems

Safety is very important to us, especially in high-touch environments like gyms.  We use cleaning products and equipment that exceed OSHA requirements, backpack vacuums that remove 99.9% of particles from the air, and color-coded microfiber cloths that reduce cross contamination.

Green Practices

At JAN-PRO, we also value eco-friendliness.  Ergonomically-friendly microfiber flat mops that clean and dry floors faster with less water, and hospital-strength disinfectants so strong they kill germs with less product. 

Results Guaranteed

Our proven 3-step process combines JAN-PRO Signature Clean® services, JAN-PRO Technics® technology, and JAN-PRO Tracker® inspections to ensure the same reliable owner-operator provides a complete 50-point inspection and measurable cleaning each visit – and we’re the only commercial cleaning company to fully guarantee your satisfaction.

Give your fitness center a daily cleanse. Get a free cleaning estimate! www.JAN-PROWC.com