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Religious Facility Cleaning

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An individual’s faith is very important to them and how it is cared for should be too. How we at JAN-PRO of the Western Carolinas care for them is very important to us. From the pulpit to the pew, we are church and religious facility cleaning experts.

Our services are founded on quality, consistency, flexibility, and respect. We know how important your place of worship is for your community. A lot of churches and religious facilities are now trying to get back on track and keeping their congregations safe is on the top of the list. If your calling is to welcome people from all walks of life, yet your house is anything but clean – let JAN-PRO answer your prayers:

Peace of Mind  From the pew to pulpit and everywhere in between, with our crews complete JAN-PRO’s 5-week certification course we teach the ins and outs of church cleaning. Each owner-operator is also bonded & insured and always wears a uniform & ID badge.  

Custom Offerings We understand you host many people and gatherings at your place of worship, we are cleaning miracle workers. We will work with you to provide flexible cleaning schedules and special events support. 

In Good Health In high touch environments like yours, safety is equally important to us. That’s why we only use cleaning products and equipment that exceed OSHA requirements.  

In Full Faith  We are the only commercial cleaning company to wholly guarantee your satisfaction with our proven 3-step process which combines JAN-PRO signature clean® services, JAN-PRO Technics® technology, and JAN-PRO Tracker® inspections to ensure the same reliable owner-operator provides a complete 50-point inspection and measurable cleaning each visit.  

Benefits of using JAN-PRO a professional cleaning company for your church:


A Happier Congregation

You want your congregation to be in a positive frame of mind, so they continue returning each week. A sparkling building can help you attract and retain members. The benefits of a clean church go far beyond tidiness, a well-organized space can put your congregants in a better frame of mind while they worship. As they let go of their stress and clear their thoughts, they can meditate on what’s important.

Healthier Parishioners

Church cleaning companies go beyond the surface and ensure the removal of dust, grime, and even the Covid-19 virus. They can also help prevent mold growth through regular and deep cleaning, protecting both the church’s investment and visitors prone to respiratory illnesses and allergies. Hygiene is particularly significant in the post-pandemic era. Professionals are familiar with CDC guidelines for Covid-19 and their additional cleaning protocols. A professional service allows church members to feel confident when coming back to in-person services since they know that the church is committed to the highest cleaning standards.

Spotless Floors

Religious facility cleaning companies can also provide the specialty treatments your church floors need. Your sanctuary’s floors need constant vacuuming and mopping to prevent the spread of germs. A professional cleaning team will have the high-performance commercial vacuums and waxing machines required to keep your floors looking new.

Safe Childcare Spaces and Facilities

Church attendants will feel more secure leaving their children in rooms where they know an experienced team performs frequent, thorough cleanings. Disinfecting is especially important in childcare spaces where germs can quickly spread. Your JAN-PRO cleaning team can wipe down toys, surfaces, and play mats regularly with child-safe products. This security can encourage more young couples with children to visit your church. 

Impeccable Restrooms

You’ll want visitors to feel completely comfortable in your church building, and restrooms can tell them a lot about your attention to detail. Restrooms have high-touch surfaces where germs grow and spread easily. Flushers, doorknobs, and faucets could have microbes that need prompt removal, yet many churches have internal cleaning staff who only clean periodically.

Focusing on What Matters

Cleaning doesn’t have to be another to-do item. Maintaining your church’s cleanliness with internal staff can take away valuable time from those tasks.  When you hire a professional church cleaning service, you can be confident about the staff that is caring for your building. Check cleaning off the list and concentrate fully on other details of your work.

Religious facility cleaning companies may seem like a significant investment, yet the health and peace of mind of your church staff, congregants, and visitors make this expense well worth it. You’ll have a safe, hygienic, and healthy space that will make worship more meaningful for everyone.

Cleanliness is next to godliness! 

If you’d like to learn more about our cleaning and disinfection services and receive your FREE estimate from JAN-PRO of the Western Carolinas, reach out to us today at: (864) 458-3053 or use our online contact form.