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Spring Clean Your Business

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Spring is right around the corner and most people set out to spring clean their homes and garages but you should be preparing to spring clean your business.  

Winter Woes

The winter months have put some extra grit and grime on your floors and carpet. Employees are tracking in water, salt and wearing heavier shoes that may cause damage to the floors. Winter can dull the appearance of your floors.  

Winter is also the prime cold and flu season along with Covid still being prevalent, now is a good time to do some extra office protection.  

The sun is setting later now and shinning brighter so dirt will show up even more. Clean windows allow for more sun to shine through into your office or business. This is a good time to pay attention to the blinds also. Clean and open blinds expose your employees to more sunlight which help boost their mood.

Deep Cleaning

You may have been getting regular scheduled cleaning but Spring is one of the best times of the year to give your business a deep clean.

Wholly Disinfected

Take precaution to illness with Enviroshield. Only JAN-PRO has the proprietary Enviroshield system, which uses a hospital-grade disinfectant and innovating misting system to kill more than 99.9% of germs on contact.  

Focusing on Floors

It is critical to maintain your floors. Spring clean by going deeper that what’s on the surface. Whether you have carpet, ceramic tile, tile and grout LV tile or concrete and warehouse floors; having them professionally deep cleaned helps the longevity of your floors and having to keep from replacing them. 

Freshen Up Your Facility

Spring cleaning for your facility allows you to focus on the small details that may have gotten overlooked during the winter months.  

Refresh your restrooms, dirt and bacteria builds up overtime. Get a deep clean by sanitizing all restroom surfaces and fixtures.  

Get all fixtures in your facility a deeper dusting, especially with the pollen season starting to bloom in the air which can be tracked into your office.  

Deep clean your office desk, keyboards and computers as they too carry germs and bacteria. It’s all about helping keep your employees safe with a healthy clean environment.  

Green Clean

Spring clean your business with our green practices, our eco-friendliness. It is our program, process, products and even posture. Welcome Spring with a deeper clean for your facility.  Call JAN-PRO at 864-458-3053 or use our online contact form for more information.