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The Ins and Outs of Floor Work at Jan-Pro

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Besides regular janitorial cleaning and disinfecting services, Jan-Pro also offers special services including floor work. Whether it be carpet cleaning, a strip and wax or a top scrub clean, Jan-Pro can deliver. 

Mike Lorris, Certified Business Owner at Jan-Pro, has been specializing in floor work for over 20 years and has an abundance of knowledge when it comes to the process. When first giving a company a quote on floor work, Lorris says that the Business Services team will collect the square footage, the floor type, as well the customer’s expectations of what they want done. 


Making sure to maintain your floors is critical to its preservation and preventing wear and tear overtime. For floors that are still in fair shape, Lorris says just a top scrub is usually needed. “A top scrub is when you remove the floor finish through fiction non-chemically, whereas a strip and wax are for more worn-down floors and uses chemicals,” Lorris said.

Depending on the type of floor, floor work is usually recommended to do quarterly or yearly. Failure to protect your floor can result in eventually having to replace it. 


Did you know that your carpet can be 4,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat?! Carpet can also have many different organisms living in them. Bacteria can also live in your carpet up to 4 weeks. That’s why its important to get your carpets cleaned at least every 6 months. Professional carpet cleaning can clean up to 98 percent of pollutants from your carpet and should always be done for commercial businesses. (A-OK Chem Dry). To learn more about what’s in your carpet visit 10 Facts About Dirty Carpets.


CARPETDepending on the type of facility, the process of carpet cleaning will vary. Banks for instance are relatively low maintenance and typically just need low moisture bonnet cleaning. “Rotary bonnet cleaning freezes soil and allows you to vacuum out things like coffee and what not,” Lorris said. For more severe situations, steam extraction is used. Steam extraction uses a prespray on the floor with a high pH carpet cleaner and breaks everything loose. 

CERAMIC TILEFor ceramic tile, there are two levels of service. There is a regular machine which cleans tile more than grout, is lesser duty, and is used on a smaller area typically. For larger areas, a machine scrub is used with a high pH chemical. 

TILE AND GROUT RESTORATIONFor tile and grout restoration, Jan-Pro guarantees to get grout lines cleaned out, Lorris said. For these floors, a pre-spray is applied and manually scrubbed with a grout brush. It is then steam cleaned with a turbo tool so that the floor is sealed to prevent any staining in the future. 

LVT TILELVT tile, or luxury vinyl tile, is huge in the medical field. For LVT, machine cleaning with a high pH chemical is used. 

CONCRETE AND WAREHOUSE FLOORSAccording to Lorris, there is no warehouse that is too big to clean this type of flooring. Jan-Pro uses auto scrubbers that can clean about 10-15,000 square feet an hour. 


As we approach the last quarter of 2021, don’t delay in getting your floors professionally cleaned. Call 864-458-

3035 or submit a form online to receive a quote.