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We Mean Business: Creating Your Own Financial Independence

It’s a Monday morning, and as you walk through the building the sounds of excitement and comradery fill the air. The morning meeting begins and pumped up employees radiate with energy as they interact with each other. Positive experiences from the week prior are shared and applauses are exchanged. Success stories from each employee add a feeling of achievement and acknowledgment amongst one another. A true support system with you each and every step of the way, that’s the vibe at Jan-Pro of the Western Carolinas.

Since 2002, Jan-Pro has been helping people grow and navigate their business. Based on a strong support system of character, commitment, and cooperation, we offer a tremendous opportunity that makes it easy to become a successful business owner. Each business owner decides on how much time they invest in the company, allowing them to learn the ins and outs. Jan-Pro offers the most comprehensive training program, finds your business accounts for you, and is a recession-resistant $50 billion industry.

Robert Burns, Master Owner of Jan-Pro, has been a part of this franchise for 16 years. During this time, he was under the leadership of his parents David and Vickie Burns where he learned every aspect of the business. Mr. Burns is a strong believer in mentorship and not being alone in this endeavor. Jan-Pro offers the tools to make people succeed along the way.


Throughout this time, Jan-Pro of the Western Carolinas has been awarded the following awards and accolades:

  • #1 Commercial Cleaning Franchise in 2018 and for 10 years by Entrepreneur magazine
  • #2 Top Low-Cost Franchise to Own Under $50,000 in 2018 by Entrepreneur magazine
  • #4 Top Fastest-Growing Franchise in 2018 by Entrepreneur magazine

Since the development of our franchise, Jan-Pro of the Western Carolinas has created a solid base of franchise owners and customers who emphasize the satisfaction they have with our cleaning guarantee as well as our ability to mold partnerships to ensure our franchisees success.

“What drives me daily is the fact that I am building a business that I can leave for my three sons. I try to get better every day and it feels good to know that Jan-Pro wants me to be successful.” -Chris Brown

“Jan-Pro has been a phenomenal find in our search for a cleaning service for our medical practice. We appreciate their attention to detail.” -Luann Street

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Imagine yourself holding a key. Now close your eyes and see yourself unlocking the door to your new business. The opening of this door has no walls, an extension of unlimited potential awaiting you. You decide your time and investment. You get provided training resources and accounts. You shape your future. You become your own boss. You become financially independent. And at the end of the day, we’re all in this together.

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