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    Jan-Pro provides the most technologically advanced cleaning process possible.

  • The Time is now : Stay Ahead of the Curve with Jan-Pro

    Now more than ever, it is important to ensure a safe and clean environment for your employees and customers. We offer a thorough cleaning system using CDC approved hospital grade, broad spectrum disinfectants. We’re a highly reviewed company where we provide our customers with satisfactory results.

  • Enviroshield

    This is an electrostatic disinfectant spray that uses a series of different sprayer models for specific areas and applications. If your business is not being sprayed with this technology, your current disinfectant solution isn’t nearly as effective. See how it works!

  • Perform deep/disinfectant cleans at your facility

    Cleaning high touch areas such as door knobs, computer desks, telephones, refrigerators, microwaves, sinks, and beyond.

  • Use hospital grade disinfectants

    That kills up to 99.9% of germs. 
    Click here to see how our disinfectant spray works!

  • Cross Contamination Prevention

    One of the biggest issues with germs and viruses is the issue of cross contamination. Here at Jan-Pro, we use microfiber cloths which are 99.94% effective in removing bacteria from smooth surfaces, as compared to conventional cloths and mops used with Lysol or bleach, which were only 91.89% effective.

  • We use different colored cloths

    So that were not moving germs to different areas. For example, we wouldn’t use the same color cloth if we went from wiping a bathroom light switch to a desktop computer. 
    Read our blog on cross contamination prevention here!

  • Hepa-Filter Vacuums

    We use HEPA vacuums which stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air that is able to trap 99.97% of particles that are 0.3 microns. See how they work.

  • Flat-Mops

    Our flat microfiber mops leaves floors streak free without slinging dirty water on your baseboards.

    It all starts with a simple evaluation. Please fill out the form or call our office today at 864-458-3053 to start the process of ensuring a safe and clean environment.

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